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Export Volume of Corn Continues to Decrease
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【Topic】: Export Volume of Corn Continues to Decrease
【Time】: 2011
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Export Volume of Corn Continues to Decrease  

Corn Products China News, released by CCM in March 2011, includes import and export analysis of major corn products, price of corn starch, imported DDGS and cassava starch, upcoming regulation on VC and citric acid, major producers'dynamics, wastewater treatment technology and forecast of corn deep processing industry.

Export price and volume of VC and VB2 products in China increased in Jan. 2011 over Dec. 2010. However, the huge earthquake in Northeast Japan on March 11, 2011 had a potential negative effect on the import/export business between Japan and China in corn products industry. Though, due to the import pattern, the effect will not appear in a short time, the potential negative effect is really there. Until now, import volume of corn in 2011 equals with that of 2010 in the same period and the export volume decreases slightly as well.

Regarding the price, prices of both homemade and imported DDGS has witnessed slight increase in March 2011. Price of cassava starch in China is predicted to maintain uptrend in the near future while corn starch may fall back slightly in the short run price looking from its recent development.

New access standards for VC industry will be coming soon, and the industry is predicted to be integrated with large manufacturers to gain more benefit while small producers will shut down. Another issue is about citric acid, it is said that citric acid export tax rebate may be cancelled from April 2011, which is to support citric acid export price to head up at present.

Fufeng Group cooperates with Ajinomoto Group on threonine product in OEM form since 2011 to solve the problem of unbalanced demand and supply in China. Baolingbao is to witness sound performance in 2011, thanks to the promising market of its major products. The high price of corn, national regulation and adjustment of price contributed its sound development. Organic wastewater treatment technology of EGSB is awarded as national demonstrated technology of pollution control.

Mainly based on current high corn price, a deputy of the National People's Congress called on the government to further restrain domestic corn deep-processing industry, which caused wide controversies. The industry is facing great restrains and limits. CCM views that the government should adjust its regulation direction towards corn deep-processing industry.

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